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News & Events

The Frontenac Frolic

9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Bedford Hall, 1381 Westport Road
Just 20 minutes west of Westport

This event is sponsored by the Foundation.

This summer on Saturday,August 4,2018,the Bobs & Crow Lakes Foundation will host the Eigth Frontenac Frolic at the Glendower Hall on Westport Road. The Frolic is the important annual fund raising event for the Foundationa and all proceeds go to support projects for the greater Bobs & Crow lakes area The frolic takes Place from 9:00am until 2:00pm This is a great summer family day for everyone to enjoy

Inside the Hall you will find the Silent Auction with a wide range of items. We will update you later on some of the specific items for auction.

A wide selection of books, CD's and DVD's , puzzles and games will be available, once again for bargain prices. The baking tables of home made baking will be hard to resist. Last year the home baking sold out and had rave reviews. Speaking of food, as mid day approaches there will be food and drinks for reasonable prices available in the Hall

The Flea Market will be held both in the Hall and under the large tent outside. Every year the items vary from things brand new to antiques, from china and glassware to home dcor, from practical items to whimsy. You do not know what you will find. The Flea Market is a treasure trove, so come and find your treasure to take home.

Outside the Hall, the West Winds Ranch near Westport will bring the ever-popular Petting Zoo and Pony Rides for the children. This part of the Frolic is a huge success each year. The children can feed some of the animals, in particular the tiny pig who loves marshmallows.

This year, another amazing addition for your enjoyment will be Little Ray's Reptile Zoo from Ottawa. There will be two presentations followed by an opportunity to have a hands on greeting of snakes (python, rat snake), iguanas, lizards, turtles, turkey vultures, frogs, toads and much more. This is a wonderful educational opportunity for you and your children to learn more about these amazing creatures.

We also hope to have some local artisans participating and selling their works during the Frolic. An outline of those attending will be available soon.

A Frolic highlight, the Cow Flop Bingo will take place on the baseball field beside the Hall. The field is marked into 1600 squares. A Holstein cow from the Barr farm in Burridge will be led on to the field. Where the cow "flops" will determine the winners.

First prize - $1800. Second Prize - $900. Third Prize - $500. Get your tickets early, as we have sold out in the last two years. Last year Foundation representatives canvased the lakes and we intend to do so again this summer but you can also contact any Foundation Director for tickets as well.

See you at the Frontenac Frolic,

Saturday, July 29th 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

If you need further information call: 613 273-5236